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The Official Formula One 2022 Thread

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Sc in this lap. Still 9 laps left
Nasty end for the final podium place. Bearman lost 2 places in last 2 laps. Saucy attempted to take bearman around the outside of revazza 1, bearman loses it and goes into saucy.

Stanek wins, Crawford 2nd, hadjar 3rd, bearman 4th. Leclerc jumps from 21st to 5th
F2 feature race starting soon. Currently clear skies, however rain threat persists, with a thunderstorm expected an hour before the f1
Nissany jumps from p6 to p1, boschung p4 to p2
He might be terrible at racecraft by Nissany but get an f2 car off the line Jesus
Alcoholic highest starter on the alternate strategy and in p6. Sc in this lap
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Nissany slows everyone and bolts
Good restart Nissany as he held the lead. No real change
Vips bins it. That’s gonna be a SC
Vips bins it. Surely sc
Nissany restart under investigation
All the soft starters pit. Really screws the medium starters. Daruvala leads
Lawson ahead of drugovich atm
Sc in this lap
Daruvala still leads, pouchaire ahead of boschoung now
Pourchaire took boschung somewhere
Nissany bottles it!

Pouchaire now is net lead.