Things to do with your new flat mates without going to the pub

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Welcome Week has been and gone, but our new Sheffield Hallam students are still settling into halls and getting to know their new flatmates.

With the new 10pm closing times for pubs in the UK, we thought it would be good to create a thread with some ideas of things you can do to bond with your flatmates from the comfort of your new home.

Come dine with me - Take it turns to cook a meal for the flat. You could just cook to have a good time or turn it into the TV show and score each other's nights on taste, presentation and entertainment. You could all dress up for the host’s theme. :yum:

Movie marathon - Turn your living room into a cosy cinema with comfy seating, mood lights and tonnes of snacks. Give yourself a challenge like Harry Potter or see how well you know your all time favourites by quizzing each other at the beginning. :hide:

Games night - Purchase your favourite board game between you, download a multiplayer app on your phone or keep it simple with a pack of cards, you can’t go wrong with a games night.

Share your own ideas below to give fellow students some inspiration!

- Ella & Rachel, Official Sheffield Hallam reps
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Rude Scrabble is great fun

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