Stressed with the COVID situation

Ki Yung Na
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Okay, the COVID situation is stressing me out a little bit.

The positive is that I'm a commuter and I feel like the fact that there is some face to face contact hours is really good for me because it gives me a routine.

The negative is that I'm concerned there is going to be another lockdown! This will change everything in terms of what's planned and I expect to not be outside of the house; which is what I really hope does not happen.

As somebody affected by schizophrenia; university/studying and working my part time job gives me a purpose in life.

I am falling behind already because of doubtful thinking. Things like doubting my ability, doubting by strength or discipline to be able to make studying a habit and doubting my ability to maintain energy to continue a routine.

I really don't know how I get through life honestly and it is very impressive with this diagnosis. At least according to medical staff who have supported me in the past.

I guess what I'm saying, is who else is on the verge of giving up their aspirations because of the associated uncertainty vibe that covid is giving things?

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