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Currently in first year of uni and have been here for a few weeks now and I haven’t made a single friend. Due to COVID there’s no freshers or any socialising at all, all my classes are online and all societies at my uni have all been cancelled. So at my uni the only way to make friends is to hang out with flatmates but mine are the least social people I’ve ever met and before people say to try and talk to them more etc I have and we’re just not similar in any way at all. I’ve asked to go to the pub or something but they either don’t drink or don’t want to.
I can’t drop out of uni as I want a degree and honestly I don’t have the time to defer as I already took a year out, but the fact that there’s no way of me being able to make any friends is honestly so depressing. Until Covid goes away I’m gonna be a loner and it’s just really making me sad as back home I had a massive social circle and now I have nothing.
What other options do I have to make friends if my uni is pretty much preventing me from making any friends (which I think is extremely stupid as the area my uni is in has barely any cases)
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All I can say is keep trying. Eventually you will be surrounded by people as long as warm and friendly I have no doubt. These times are difficult and I am also in need of meeting new people. Wish you all the best 🙏

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