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My initial interests were biomedicine, pharmacy, dentistry or medicine. I don't like the intensity of medicine and I don't know what to specify in. I like it but the competition and stress plus intensity puts me off and I'm not exceedingly passionate anyways. I don't really enjoy lab work or research so biomedicine isn't really for me and dentistry is very specific on oral health and I'm not passionate about teeth that much. So with that being said and combined with my love for science and interest in drug development and people I decided on pharmacy. So I would like that to be my undergraduate as I don't like anything else. I however want to master to also be a Physician Assistant later on in life. Im struggling to understand what the difference between a nurse and PA is . As pharmacy is quite a long undergrad and combined with the master and placements it'll take 9 years basically. Is it worth it ? and what is the difference between PA and Nurse and will I have responsibilities similar of a Doctor or ?

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