asses the extent to which rates of coastal recession and stability depend on litho

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assess the extent to which rates of coastal recession and stability depend on lithology.

this is geography Edexcel a level (can you guys help with the question), you need to evaluate. points may include lithology, geological structure, sub-arail processes, high and low energy waves and vegetation.
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For this type of essay you need to consider the relative impact of the different features of the coastline that you would mention upon rates of coastal erosion whilst linking the general idea of your points together, and then come up with an overall judgement / argument about which is the most important factor. Some important general themes to cover include the scale, and the spatiality and temporality of the erosion. Are you referring to constant wave energy being exerted upon cliffs, or an infrequent landslide event displacing a large amount of rock material.

Lithology is the physical characteristics of the rocks, so consider the potential erosional vulnerability of hardrock vs softrock, which also relates to the type of waves present at that coastline. Destructive waves have more energy, and so will erode softrock faster. You could talk about porous rocks that water can percolate through which are vulnerable to freeze-thaw cycles and mechanical weathering (and other subaerial processes) as another mechanism compared to marine erosion. Compare and contrast this to marine erosion. Vegetation or other biological weathering agents such as tree roots or burrowing animals can also contribute to erosion, but this is more at a specific / localised scale.

Of course you can expand on the points I've made, add more of your own, and use case-study specific location / detail.

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