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Considering Engineering as a career

Hi guys,

I’ll start of with a brief intro, I’m 25 with 3 GCSE’s and no A levels or any other forms of qualifications. I don’t have any particular subjects I’m really passionate about so the salary, job security, work/life balance aspects are pretty much the main points that I’m using to help me narrow down my options and if you do have other suggestions that meet the criteria besides this particular choice feel free to share them.

I want to hopefully hear from people like myself considering engineering as a career, people studying it and people who have graduated and can give me a realistic insight into the life of a engineer.

What kind of salaries can you expect to see within your first 5 years? What kind of opportunities are there for you to become self employed in this field? What is the job security like? What is the work/life balance like? Do you need to brown nose and play politics to progress your career?

Thanks for taking the time out to read my post and making the effort to respond!
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Hello, it's good to hear you're at least honest about why you want to pursue engineering! I'm not an engineer (about as far from it as you can get...) but I thought I'd pass on some advice for applying to courses and starting a career to use/ignore as you wish! As you have few qualifications, you could try an access course and/or some fast track online A levels to enable you to apply to degree courses - if nothing else, free MOOCs might at least give you a grounding in subject knowledge. Also never underestimate the impact of networking. Good luck!

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