Pillow princess much?

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Ok do my Gf And I did the do a few times last time I saw her but one thing I noticed is that she literally just lies there on her back and leaves me to do all the work, then she just falls asleep or complains that she’s too tired to do anything else and leaves me unsatisfied, because all I did was strip down and spend the whole time pleasing her and she gave nothing back, I talked to her about it and apparently her mindset is “oh, you’re the Top and I’m the Bottom, that’s just how it works” and then when I tried to explain to her that, first off that’s not how it works, and second, I shouldn’t feel like I have to sneak away to the bathroom to get off when “we’re” done because she did absolutely nothing, so all in all my question is how tf am I supposed to enjoy sex with this pillow princess I’ve ended up with, don't get me wrong I love her completely but how the hell am I supposed to be in a relationship where she always expects me to put my all in, in the bedroom with nothing in return?!
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Okay well maybe ask her to do stuff or guide her using body language etc to get what u want if she’s willing to do that. Maybe she’s just insecure or not comfortable with herself making her not confident, there is always a reason why. Honestly, just ask her about it. If she doesn’t put in the effort in then u shouldn’t either.

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