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Erasmus Rotterdam or Bocconi for BSc?

I was wondering which university in the EU would be better for a BSc in Business (Management, International Economics and Business, etc) and I would be very grateful if you gave me your opinions.
Bocconi seems like the best choice, however it costs 13k per year (around 40k for the whole degree) and Erasmus University Rotterdam, for example, is much cheaper - The whole bachelors at Erasmus would cost me half (around 6k) one year at Bocconi. Is it worth it to pay this much?
Maybe this will sound shallow but I wanted to go to a university with a name. How does Bocconi's and Erasmus' reputation compare to University of Manchester (this was my target school before they announced EU students would start paying international tuition fees - which I can't afford)?
Would employers in London recognise these universities?
If you know of any other prestigious EU universities please say.
Thank you so so much for your time and have a good day!
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No go to Erasmus :wink:
Original post by Any800
No go to Erasmus :wink:
can you explain why
Bocconi is definitely more reputable in terms of employers in London
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Would go to RSM as it is more international and is located in the NL which is doing way better than both the UK or Italy. Even if you don't want to stay in the NL it is a solid back up for some point in your life (even taking very long term).

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