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Things our bosses do which prove.... watch

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    they either they were dropped on their head/on their tounge/ out of a window as a child or missed a lot of school or were a loner or simply are an alien

    Basically post stories which made you :hmpf: or or :rolleyes: or :aetsch: starting off with for example My Boss.....An Freak Child.

    ME FIRST!!!!

    My Boss.......An Alien From Pluto???

    My street is like an ice rink on a steep hill in weather like this and I only just managed to get into work - I could have not bothered.

    Anyway I requested to go home early because my street doesn't get much
    sun so it was going to be (and it was) an ice rink on the way home but if I got home slighty earlier my mum would stand a better driving up the hill.
    They said we'll see it'll depend on the attendance levels. Let me say how busy it was - on a normal sunday I take around £3500+ (8 hours) today I took £1460 (10 hours) so I was perfect ok to let me go...did they?

    Nope! everyone got to go home earlier except me! then I found out off the girl who had offered a lift home (to save my mum coming for me) as she was leaving (without me) that the manager in charge today had told the manager taking over, not to send my home under any circumstances and to find my any work possible until my right leaving time. I ended up working to 8 instead of going at 6 and I was NOT need for those extra two hours and I was put on my old area of work (food) to help out aka keep me busy.

    I never usually ask to go earlier but my mum had requested I finish early because of the hill we live on so I had to ask.

    Just in general when you tell a customer that something is against company policy to do something, they ask to see the manager, manager gives in so they don't lose a sale, making you look a complete tool...

    Yes, I know they get hassle from the managers above them if they stick to the rules... But it's frigging annoying!

    waited 4 days for stuff to arrive so on the last 2 days we sat roun doin nothin and left 2 hours early most days. then on the friday they brought the gear and said once fitted we could go. you have never seen council workes work so fast! took us 1 hour 2 wire 6 sockets and finish wiring a DB. we would have taken our time if it wasnt for the fact we were goin out on the night
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