Which Economics applicant has a better chance at getting into a top uni?

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My friend & I recently sent off our UCAS Applications. We are both applying to study Economics at the exact same universities (LSE, UCL, Cambridge, Warwick, Bath). I would say that our Personal Statements are of equal standard; however, I've got better GCSE grades than him. For A Level, I'm predicted 4A* and an A (A* for Chem, Maths, Econs, EPQ and A for Further Maths) while he is predicted 3A* and an A (A* for Maths, Further Maths, Econs and A for EPQ & Physics). When our UCAS Referee sent off our applications, he said nothing to me except that applying to Cambridge is like buying a lottery ticket. However, to my friend, he said that he thinks that my friend can get into all his universities - but the A for Physics might be his Achilles Heel. Obviously, this upset my friend who then turned to me, asking me why our referee hadn't said the same thing to me regarding my A in FM. Hence, my question is, disregarding the difference in EPQ grades (as tbh, they don't really matter) - which is a more 'competitive' application to study Economics? Having 3A* for all other subjects but an A in FM, or having 3A* for all other subjects (including FM) but an A in a regular subject? My friend had always thought that his application would be more 'competitive' than mine, given his higher grade in FM, but our referee seems to think otherwise as he believes that having straight A*s in everything (but an A in FM) is more impressive than having an A* in FM (and 2 other subjects), but an A in the 4th as it shows more breadth and general skill in a range of subjects, rather than just being good at Mathematics. However, obvi my friend thought otherwise as he assumed that top universities like Econs applicants who've done FM, so having the higher grade for FM would be the upper hand. What do you think? (Sorry if the question was long & didn't make sense; I was just unsure how to ask it in a concise manner).
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Oops, correction, he is predicted 3A* and 2A (A* - econ, FM, Maths and A for EPQ and physics).

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