BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering to Aerospace Engineering Msc?

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Hi all,

I have an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2.2) and a Telecommunications Msc (merit).

Now this is where this gets into a bit of mess. I graduated in 2014 and completed my msc in 2015 (I also did a placement year in 2012-13). However I decided not pursue a career in EEE and instead took some time out and worked in part time jobs/retail for a year. I had been suffering from depression a lot around that time (had counselling).

In 2016 my father was diagnosed was cancer and passed away in 2018. I lived at home a lot of that time to help him. Then my mother was diagnosed in 2019 with lung cancer, but caught it early so after her operation earlier this year she has since been in remission.

My life is a bit of mess and apart from retail and other non related work I've had nothing to do with engineering since 2015.

I've been since reevaluating what I want to do with my life and decided I wanted to pursue either actuary, or if I went back into Engineering I would like to do aerospace engineering.

I know I'll need an Msc at minimum. A lot of Msc courses require either a 2.1 or Mechnical Engineering (or both). However QMUL have stated they require a 'good 2.2 in engineering' or related discipline.

My question is, how realistic of an option is it for me to pursue a career in Aerospace engineering? To me it sounds difficult given I'd be up against actual Aerospace engineering undergraduates and I have 2.2 (which I should have done a lot better but didn't).
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Yes, apply to a quick ten jobs, first ten you find. (quick clarification; You say "Telecommunications Msc (merit) is that a full Master?)

here's some, create a candidate profile and upload a CV etc

On-Board Computer and Data Handling Engineer, European Space Agency ESTEC (note: nothing to do with Brexit, seperate agreements)
Req ID 10178 - Posted on 15/09/2020 -
Apply with UK passport, When applying for the first time to an ESA position, you will be asked to create your Candidate Profile prior to the Application form and your motivation letter and CV attached.

MSc in telecommunications required, work based in Noordwijk (excellent pay & conditions) very close to UK, when flights resume, you can pop-over all the time.

Some of the positions require a three years appropriate work in the field, but writing a short email to [email protected] explaining that you took time out of your career for family reasons, now can they suggest a path into ESA/ESTEC/ESO aerospace?, might work...there are jobs, you have rare skills.
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