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Hello everyone. I need assistance with completing the assignment for Topic B in Unit 1 Health and Social Care. The work is due in a couple days and I am so DEAD because I have not completed it. Can somebody please complete the work for me then post it on here? I t would be much appreciated X
This is the task:
Genetic factors that affect development

1. Rebecca, aged 76, has smoked cigarettes since she was 16 years old. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Describe two ways, other than cancer, that an individual’s physical health may be affected by smoking. (Jan 2019: 4mks)

2. Describe two genetic diseases that may impact on an individual’s development. (Jan 2018: 4mks)

3. To what extent do genetic factors determine health and wellbeing? (Jan 2018: 10 mks)

4. Several of the mothers who attend the antenatal classes lead unhealthy lifestyles.

Explain three lifestyle factors during pregnancy that may affect the physical
development of the baby. (May 2019: 6mks)

B2 Genetic factors that affect development

Genetics Basics | Chromosomes, Genes, DNA
Just a basic Introduction into the world of genetics. I hope you find this helpful

Genetic predispositions to particular conditions
A predisposition is the possibility that you will develop a certain condition. A genetic predisposition means that you inherit that possibility from one or both of your biological parents.
However, a genetic predisposition does not mean that it is a certainty that you will develop that condition.
Although the genetic makeup that predisposes these conditions cannot be altered, we can sometimes alter environmental factors and offer support and treatment to allow the individuals to develop and lead life as healthily as possible.
There are some inherited conditions, some rarer than others, that have serious consequences for a child’s growth and development.

Cystic fibrosis (CF)
A defective protein is produced that can cause the lungs to become clogged with thick sticky mucus. Problems such as absorbing nourishment from food, respiratory and chest infections are experienced.
What is cystic fibrosis, exactly?
Brittle bone disease
Children born with brittle bone disease are at high risk of fracturing or breaking their bones easily because their bones develop without the right amount or type of a protein called collagen.
There are different types of the disease and some types are more serious than others.
A day in life of someone with osteogenesis imperfecta – or 'brittle bone disease'

Phenylketonuria (PKU)
PKU is a rare genetic disorder that prevents a child from breaking down phenylalanine, an amino acid (a building block for protein) found in many foods such as milk, meat and eggs. This can cause damages to brain development. All babies in the UK are screened at birth by a heel-prick blood test.
Raising A Child With PKU - Newborn Screening Saves Babies

Huntington’s disease
Huntington’s disease is an inherited neurodegenerative genetic disorder that causes progressive damage to certain nerve cells in the brain.
Huntington’s disease can develop at any age but often starts between the ages of 35 and 55.
It can affect muscle coordination and cause mental decline and behavioural changes. The brain damage gets progressively worse over time, with perception, awareness, thinking and judgement (cognition) affected.
What is Huntington's disease?

Klinefelter Syndrome
Klinefelter syndrome is not easy to identify in small children as the signs and symptoms are not always obvious. It is sometimes referred to as XXY. The extra X chromosome is acquired after the baby is conceived; it is not an inherited condition.
The baby may be born with undescended testicles. Poor muscle power, delayed communication and a passive personality may also be signs.
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"complete the work for me"

Getting someone else to do your work is called:


It is not allowed in education.

By the time you get replies on here you might as well have done the work yourself

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