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Hi! I'm really stuck and have almost no time to decide, so any help ASAP would be appreciated. I can't decide wether to apply for St Chads or John Snow

I like JS and the idea of the system, as well as it being non-traditional and it seems rly inclusive and supportive - but are the rooms nice? I'm gay so I want like a non-laddish uni as much as possible, im taking comb honours with Geography, English, Politics and IR (or Sociology), so somewhere close would be good.

I'm worried if I apply to Chads, i'm more likely to get rejected and put somewhere random I don't wanna go, but Chads has a great rep and does look rly nice. Does it being catered ruin the uni experience tho? I feel like you'll feel like ur on a school trip or some boarding school bc of that lol.... ik there's lots of other pros abt chads, but rn I can't think of any :/// - oh yeah! are the chads rooms same gender or mixed gender for the shared ones?

I also come from an all boys super selective grammar school, so that's why I REALLY don't want anything super posh or anywhere with loads of guys - bc of the gay thing allll my friends are girls lol - I'm looking forward to the fresh start and uni experience like a lot!
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i’m @ chads and my friend goes to john snow- we both do geography! chads is really lovely and doesn’t feel as pretentious or as intimidating as some of the others on the bailey (i’m in a corridor with only one boy out of 15 lol). but it is a LOT more ‘posh’ than john snow definitely and there are a lot more private school kids here. room sharing is absolutely fine for the most part pretty sure they’re all same gender too... my friend really likes john snow though and i think mealtime flexibility is a big plus there but it is a bit of a walk into town from there. if u have any more questions i’ll do my best (but our year is probs a bit atypical due to Covid lol)
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