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I’ve recently done a 16 mark psychology exam and I want to know how many AO1 marks I picked up as I didn’t manage to get much down in the time. The AO1 was on the behavioural approach (out of 6 marks). My response was:

The behavioural approach studies behaviour that can be observed and measured. The behaviourists rejected introspection as it involved too many concepts that were vague and difficult to measure which encouraged behaviourism to maintain control and objectivity, which made it more consistent with the aims of natural sciences. This was achieved using lab experiments. Behaviourists suggested that learning was the same for all species which meant that tests could be conducted on animals and generalised to people.
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I would give it 3 because psychology needs you to be very specific so you could be more specific by saying "The behavioural approach states that all behaviour is learnt from the environment through operant and classical conditioning". You would lose a mark for not saying conditioning and you would lose another mark for not giving the definition of the two types of conditioning and explaining how they both work. You could also get another mark for mentioning a psychologist and what they did. You could mention Pavlov's experiment with the dogs as an example of classical conditioning.

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