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I desperately need your help and it would be useful if you knew this topic area well but any help would be great!

I need to write my literature review on a topic of our interest. I've chosen to do mine on the creativity of dreams, using neuroscience to investigate the science behind the creativity of dreams and whether people with mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, addiction & depression can produce dreams & recall them as dopamine levels are linked to dream recall and creation.
I think I also want to write about the types of dreams people with mental health disorders dream about vs people who don't have disorders - Or will that be too much for my essay ?

There's just so many ideas I have like I want to mention REM sleep, sleep cycle, sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming etc but I think my own brain is going to explode with all these ideas!!!!

I need your help to produce a good concise question for my essay where these ideas will be included in a clear way or if some of those ideas are not useful, please please let me know so I can cross them off my list.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!
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Choose a topic and then do some research on it. Also I’m going to advise you to not to be so desperate for help.

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