Better to be with a virgin?

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This might sound quite odd but my boyfriend bought this up the other day and it got me thinking.
I’ve only been with this boy for a short while. I’m a virgin, he’s not, but he’s perfectly happy with waiting.
We were talking about it the other day and he said.
‘When a girl is a virgin, I think it’s better if she loses it to a guy that isn’t. Because then they don’t have to do as much work to figure out what to do and they’ll have a better time,’
He then said,
‘For a guy, I think it’s better if he loses it to a girl that isa virgin. Because then they’ve not got anyone to compete with if they mess something up,’

Is he just saying that to make me feel better, himself feel better, or does that actually make sense? I’m genuinely curious what people think of that!
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It comes over more as someone who is a virgin hasn't got anything else to compare it with, so their partner can be a bit lazy about it all, or tell them that's how it's supposed to be.

An experienced and inexperienced partner having sex doesn't guarantee they'll have a better time, nor should one of them be worrying about being compared to anyone else.

It's best done in the context of a living relationship, with communication about what's good or not, and accepting that it isn't always great.
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Typical misogynist viewpoint it seems to me...

He wants the girl to be virgin so he can't be compared to anyone else, coz he's so frightened of being deemed sexually inadequate by a woman.... meantime, he prefers male (ie himself) not to be virgin, same reason....

My master was not very enthused to take my v-card bc he usually met more experienced women, so he needed some...ahem... persuasion lol!, whereas I was quite happy he was very experienced and he delivered an amazing time.

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