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I was filling in my SAQ and discovered I actually got an A2 for advanced higher maths this year. I was initially told i got a 1 and all the evidence and predictions suggested the same but the new head of department put my prediction down because of the general poor performance of my school...
I contacted the school and it was too late to appeal.
I sat AH maths when I was 15 so that might have had something to do with them expecting me to perform worse than the evidence.
I'm resitting this year and I'm predicted a bad 1 for maths, mechanics stats and physics at AH. I also have good other grades and a pretty strong personal statement as well as maths olympiads but I'm worried the 2 on my record will seriously disadvantage my application. I'm applying to Emmanuel College so it isn't exactly Trinity!
thank you so much

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Should there be a new university admissions system that ditches predicted grades?

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Yes, I like the idea of receiving offers only after I receive my grades (PQO) (316)
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