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A second-year Genetics international student here. I didn't know what degree should I go for, so I picked Genetics.

I have been studying pure sciences from secondary school to uni, but something about those courses is missing. I don't feel passionate about them. I used to feel excited about a few of the topics occasionally in the past. It's no longer the same case at uni. I don't want to work in a lab. Everything was depressing and lonely during the first year but managed to pass the year. I have been having mental breakdown since week 2 of this academic year.

Got on Coursera and Linkedin Learning (sponsored by the uni) recently to attend courses in Economics for fun. Turned out enjoying the contents much more than subjects and courses I have attended. I found a website that provides open-access Economics textbooks. I read a few of them and I like reading them more than genetics textbooks. I have an internship in Marketing. It was all started by exploring courses in Marketing field. I enjoy marketing courses as well but I feel like economics is what I should have chosen as my degree. I want to change the degree but I am afraid it will cost another year of tuition fees which is out of our budget. What if I change my mind again after changing the degree? I sent an email today to talk it with the tutor, module managers and career advisor. I hope I can still change it without being charged but it seems very unlikely.

I am not sure what can I do right now. Does anyone have tips to study a degree you don't really enjoy? Have you had a similar experience? Could you share about it? I'd like to know how people successfully made a career transition after graduation.

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