Has your Uni experience been underwhelming too?

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During my time at uni I constantly struggled to meet people that I really liked and share the same passions that I do. I’ve tried really hard but with little success.
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Ridiculously underwhelming when I did my degree(s). I was expecting to go in having the time of my life, meeting fascinating people, stretching my mental capacity with diverse interests and mental challenges, and learning things that would be unquestionable fundamentals that made the whole world worked. Not remotely close.
Even before covid, it's not much to write home about. If you didn't like partying or sports, you're more or less stuck. You do occasionally get the interesting guest lecture and interesting play, but it's the same even if you don't go to uni.

Meeting people isn't easier online via an apps as it is offline. Most forums and social sites still require you to find what you're interested in and have the adequate social skills. A lot of the times I have found meeting people online has become more superficial than offline.
If you do create an app, I'd recommend it's based on matching personality and mutual interests. Ideally, you can match it with what students can do in their local area around their uni, based on interests, price, ratings, ideas/schedules. To even make it half decent, you will probably need to spend hours and have a dedicated IT and design team. You might also need legal and business advice in some areas.

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