Help with Classical Studies (/Classics) personal statement

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My passion in Classics is somewhat recent and I don't do any Classical A-levels like Latin/Greek/Classical Civilisation. To supplement this I've been writing a lot about books I've read related to Classics and my reflections on them (e.g. I discuss The Odyssey and Euripides' plays).

I compare these ancient literature to modern stuff and show my interest in the PS through comparisons and analysis. I also have a segment about the importance of learning an ancient language and explaining I want an undergraduate degree in Classical Studies to learn an ancient language for the said reasons...

I feel like what I wrote so far is just me discussing books and comparing it to modern ideas (e.g. comparing Plato to A-level Psychology) whilst not having any actual evidence (e.g. going to a summer camp) and I only talk about going to one museum and the rest is about stuff I've read.

I feel like I'm not writing the correct stuff for a personal statement but I don't have a teacher to send my PS to check if it's correct (I'm writing my PS during gap year). Any ideas for other stuff to add personal statements. And am I putting the right stuff in my Classics PS?
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It potentially sounds like your PS sounds more like an essay - you need to focus on why classics interests you. It's not to say that you can't compare and analyse, it's about how you word it though. You shouldn't write anything without evidence though

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