Anyone a Paramedic with bad eyes?

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Hi everyone! Has anyone had trouble with their eyesight but still managed to obtain a C1 license to drive an ambulance?
My left eye is pretty rubbish and doesn't meet the requirements on the Snellen scale - it just falls short of meeting the standards. My Optometrist told me he would be willing to write a letter to the DVLA explaining that my eyesight wouldn't hinder my ability to drive an ambulance. Has anyone had similar issues or had any experiences where the DVLA have made exceptions? Many thanks
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If you have a lazy eye but it function pretty well but not enough to meet the C1 requirements you could try and improve your vision with a program called Neuro-Vision, it is the only FDA approved method improving lazy eye in adults. I've seen pretty amazing results with it.

As for eyesight itself, the most important is not the driving but the ability to work at arm's length distance. You can't be a paramedic if you can't see where you stick the needle. For me it was the most difficult thing until I was fitted with proper glasses. They don't check how well you opperate in arm's distance but in day-to-day job it is more important... although I know that as a trainee you mostly do the driving.
(I was a medic in the IDF and still do some volunteering in the local ambulance team).

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