What are my options if I drop out?

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Okay so I have really poor health both mental and physical. Physically it can be really difficult to get out of bed when I’m getting migraines most days and the light really affects it. I also have a weak immune system so I get sick a lot more easily than an average person. Doesn’t help that recently I had glandular fever either so that lasts a long time. Mentally I really struggle and have for years. This all really affects my attendance. So I was wondering what the possible consequences of dropping out of college? Since the law states I have to be in education until I’m 18. Though I’d plan to reapply the next year still. I’m only 16 now and would be 17 starting the next academic year. And if I did drop out what are my options in terms of things to do between the time of dropping out and reapplying the next academic year?
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Hi, sorry you're feeling like this. You still have lots of options if you do drop out of college but are you sure that's what you want? If you talk to your college then they will be able to give you more specific advice but maybe they would let you study from home or do a different course (for example, level 2 instead of level 3). If you drop out then there are a range of different things which can count as education or training. You could do an apprenticeship or study A levels/GCSEs online. It may also be possible to do part-time work/volunteering alongside a part-time college course.

I think the National Careers Service may be helpful too. This page gives you their contact details - https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/contact-us.
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