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So basically, I'm looking at doing law and criminology at university. Crime is something that I'm genuinely interested in and see myself enjoying the course because it fascinates me anyway. I'm in year 13 and just got my mock results back which I'm not too happy with:

I was 3 marks away from an A in history and the English I'm surprised at because I normally get A's and B's. I mean they're not bad but my teachers will be using these to calculate my predicted grades.

I'm looking at Lancaster Uni which needs ABB
university of law in Manchester which needs BBB
University of Sheffield which needs AAB-ABB

I have more mocks in January and April so I'm hoping that ill go up a grade in each, bringing it up to AAB. I'm also doing an EPQ and an NCS course which I'm hoping will increase the chances of me getting accepted. However I'm just worried because what if I get declined from the universities I'm applying to once they see my predicted grades?.

I'm predicted BBB and I'm gonna ask my teachers if they can give me a higher grade in the subjects I'm most likely to get an A in, but if they will actually do it is a different matter.

Other Russel group universities such as Manchester are offering to just do criminology for ABB, is it worth just applying to do criminology as I am more likely to get accepted, or should I just stick with the course I really want to do?.

The three universities I've mentioned above are the only ones I have options for considering my grades. Obviously I'm still gonna work my bum off to get the higher grades once it comes to the real exam but is it worth even applying to these Universities at this point or should I find a different course like criminology?.
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BBB prediction : applying for one of two courses that are one grade above that would be worth the risk but remember that if you do get an offer, the conditions will be ABB. Just make sure your other choices are more realistic.
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