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How would you rate the computer science BSc at Kent?

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I'm thinking about applying for Kent, Comp Sci BSc. I've grown up around Kent and know Canterbury well which is why I'm thinking it makes sense to study somewhere familiar.

Can any students share their experience with the course, the quality of teaching, the workload and resources available are what I'm most interested about.

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I'm going to split my answer into 4 parts (each year)

If you know how to program and have done A-Level maths this year is a waste of time! I'd recommend you go out and party. At the same time, try to extend your knowledge as much as possible. Grades in this year are still important for your year in industry but otherwise don't count towards your final degree.

This year is more challenging and most people who are not interested in the subject have been culled by now. Quality of teaching depends on the lecture, some are great, some are not so. Overall I enjoyed this year and it brought me enough stress to stay engaged, I found the workload the right amount. Some study spaces can be booked which is great for group projects. The library has physical books and some ebooks for your modules, although you may have to find some yourself (most are free if you know where to look).

Third-year (year in industry):
For me, I spent my time at Holiday Extras as a software engineer. I highly recommend this extra year, I learnt more here than at University (both soft and technical skills). There is a clear difference between students who have and have not taken this year. Note you have to write a 10k word report on your year and is worth 10% of your degree.

I hate it. So far it's like taking a poor quality YouTube course with a £9250 price tag. Poor assessments, poor teaching, poor organisation.

A few tips:
- Use other resources for learning other than lectures (lots of great YouTube channels)
- Start assignments early (first couple of days). You don't need to finish them straight away but it gives you an idea of how much time you need to allocate
- Email the lectures for help!
- Take the year in industry
- Find a good group of mates that have the same aim as you (grade) and study/revise together

Random bit:
I'd consider living in student housing. Having a family home locally is nice but you're missing half the fun.

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