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Hi, so every time I brush my teeth (twice a day) my gums bleed, this problems been going on for over a year now and has progressively gotten worse. I’ve always had good oral hygiene, my gums don’t look inflamed, I’ve had blood tests which show I’ve got no clotting disorders or anaemia, and I eat a good diet. I’d love to see the dentist but I’m at uni and where I am are not accepting any new patients so I really don’t know how to get a dental appointment.
Any help on what to do?
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Buy a better/ new electric toothbrush. Brush in circle motions and not side-to-side, ensuring you brush your gums too (not with too much force though). Floss and use interdental brushes. Ensure you’re using the right toothpaste and mouthwash too.

I can’t advise any more specifically as you would really need to see a dentist, especially as your gums have gotten worse. You could potentially book with a private dentist/ hygienist to make sure everything is okay.

I’ve been due an appointment since May and have yet to be invited to check-up due to COVID. As of November I’ll have missed 2 appointments so I’m looking into private alternatives who have spaces.

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