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So in August I got my predicted grades of bcd. I wasn't happy with them because I had missed a mock due to being unwell(which for some reason a report said I had gotten an e when I never took it) and another I had done straight after my uncle had passed. The year had not been ideal as I was basically at war with my head of year. I did the retakes in October with no help from teachers or school whatsoever(even though I only asked to be allowed to sit in the study room as there is construction at my house and they said no). I called my head of year near the start of the school year to ask to be re-enrolled because I would rather retake the whole year then do the October exams. She said it would be best if I explored other options. I decided to try and go for the October exams because there was no harm but now no other schools will take me because its too late. The head of year who hated me is on maternity leave but the new one shares the same sentiment of not allowing me to re-enroll. Becoming a private candidate is not smart because if corona ruins next year I will have no backup plan. I don't know what to do. It seems immoral of them to not take me back after my last year was ruined with something completely out of my control. But I do understand that last year I didn't listen to a thing my head of year( but she was also kind of horrible to me and when I did begin to trust her and told her that I was looking forward to getting a car, she called my dad and told him not to buy me one because my grades weren't good enough.
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Don't take it personally. Schools don't get funding for students re-sitting Year 13 - they can't afford to fill their classes with people they don't get any money for. Letting you back into school to work when you're 18 and not enrolled also contravenes child protection requirements. Accept they're not going to have you back and work with what is possible - being a private candidate may be your only option. After the chaos of this Summer I really don't see them cancelling exams again but you need to see if you could find a centre that would have systems in place if they did.

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