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im in year 12 and would like to know about any law work experience i could do
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Since legal careers are so broad, it can come in many different forms. Most commonly this will be shadowing a barrister or sitting in a solicitor’s office.
Before continuing, I should mention that legal work experience (e.g. shadowing a barrister) is really not that easy to come by. You’ll need to approach (via email or otherwise) as many barristers chambers or solicitors firms, depending on what you’re looking for, as you possibly can. Prepare for a lot of rejection.
If you have connections it does help, as frustrating as it sounds. If you know a legal professional, definitely ask if they can provide you with any opportunities. This will help.
If you really want to get a feel for what, for example, a courtroom is like in person, then feel free to visit the public gallery of your nearest crown court. I did a mini-pupillage work experience at a barristers chamber and you honestly could have gotten the same experience by simply sitting in a public gallery. So, if you really want an “experience” but can’t find a placement, that is an option.
That said, it’s really not essential to have legal work experience. Law faculties at universities know far too well how hard it is to get work experience if you don’t have the connections. Since they’re not awarding you a degree in nepotism, they can’t really view you any less favourably if you don’t have it.
Also, there’s better stuff you could talk about in a law application. For my law personal statement, I never wrote about the legal work experience I did because I had better things to talk about.

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