Tudors threats to Henry VII position 10 marker

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Using your understanding of the historical context, assess how convincing the arguments in this extract are in relation to Threats to Henry VII’s position on the Throne. (10 marks)

The source:

Henry VII became king under better circumstances than any other ursurper in late medieval England. Like Henry VI he had enormous advantage of replacing a king who had been widely disliked, although the lingering affection for Richard III in the North might prove to be a problem. Unlike both Henry VI and Richard IV he started with the advantage of his predecessor already dead. Unlike both he had no powerful kingmaker to contend with; the noble house that gained most from Henry’s accession was that of Stanley’s, the family into which Henry’s mother Margaret Beaufort had married and it was improbable that the head of the family Lord Stanley would lead a rebellion against his own stepson.

Do you think this source is convincing or unconvincing.

I need two quotes which show its convincing and 1 unconvincing and then conclusion or vice versa. Any help with analysis and evaluation and points i can include thanks.

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