Christmas expenses

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My christmas budget this year is at about £550. I have already finished over half my shopping and just got the last £200 to spend once i hit pay day. Im worried i go overboard and i keep getting comments off people about how crazy it is to be spending that at 21 but let me explain how i budget. £25 per person whos immediate family or inlaws or nieces nephews, £200 for my partner, £85-100 for my mum because she has been my rock and i feel she deserves abit more of a thank you for everything she does for me through the year, £10 each 2 grandparents £12 on cats ( bad i know) £10 on the dogs ( cant leave them out of the excitement) and then i have spent £85 on wrapping. The wrapping cost worries me but alot of these presents have to travel so for me i feel like pretty gift boxes are a essential for keeping presents looking beautiful and tree ready on the long journey. Not to mention i have counted and i have 60 presents to wrap and gift bag up this year. I will have a fair amount of wrapping paper left over aswell and hopefully some gift bags. In my head that sounds like good budgeting for the ones i love but everyone thinks im mad. Im a big kid and still love all the presents under the tree seeing peoples faces when they open the gift i spent days choosing for them. I guess im just looking to hear some other peoples budget and looking for abit of reassurance☺️ Thank you!
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This is a list of tips that work well.

Figure out what to spend money on. Make a short list of items. Plan meals carefully too. Buy things as and when you need them.

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