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These are the subjects I want to do at A level and the exam boards they use
Has anyone done any of these courses? What are they like?
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I'm doing AQA Sociology and it's actually quite nice! As long as you're into learning education, research methods and theories, you will be fine! There are some optional modules that your school will pick for you (all of them are quite interesting so it should be fine). The hardest part about Sociology would probably be remembering the dates of the sociologists - you don't have to do this but it's good practice though! If you don't mind 30 marker questions (for your A2 exams) then I think you will like this subject but for now, at AS your max will be 20 marker questions.

The rest, I can't give any info on that one but I've heard good things about Biology from my friends!
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Hi I'm in year 13, and took both Biology OCR and Psychology AQA. My friend also took sociology and it's one of her favourite subjects.

First Biology:
Ngl, if you don't have a genuine interest in the course, it's going to be tough. The workload is hard, and its fast paced (because of so much content). I personally love Biology and would say it's my favourite subject- I find the whole thing completely fascinating. I know people who found GCSE easy and expected the same of Alevel, and let me just say, that is NOT the case. A lot of the areas covered in GCSE (obviously) are re-covered in A level but in more depth, so if you did enjoy the subject at GCSE (and not just the fun science lessons) then there's a good chance you will for Biology as well.

Psychology is a very interesting subject, however honestly I find the way it's taught a little boring. You learn a topic, then need to evaluate it EVERY SINGLE TIME. There are 12mark essays you have to do at AS, and these become 16marks at A level and my god am I sick of them. That said... proportionally they aren't THAT important, remembering all the psychologists and their experiments is probably the hardest part. If you take A level biology, there is a fair amount of overlap with psychology, something I found very useful. Research methods and approaches are by far the worst topics, so when you start the course and hate it... trust me it gets better, lol.

Obviously my opinion won't be exactly the same as yours: we go to different schools, have different teachers and different interests... maybe you'll love 16 markers??? This is just an overview of how I've found the courses, and I've tried to be genuinely honest. If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help

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