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So I have just graduated from university this year with a law degree and managed to get myself into a legal graduate scheme at a law firm that specialises in road traffic accidents (RTA).

It was my first week and my main role will be to draft liability letters to third party insurers, however Im already struggling
The person that’s training me has hardly given me any valuable training (literally just sat with me for 30 minutes whizzing through everything as fast as she possibly could) and I don’t really know anyone else in the office that drafts these whom I can approach for support. Its a small firm and most people are working from home so I haven’t even met the whole team yet. I sort of feel like I have been left to figure things out for myself :/

Ive never drafted a liability letter before, or drafted any kind of legal documents. I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of information and lack of support I have in the office and Im really not looking forward to going back in, despite how badly I wanted this graduate scheme

Im very close to just giving up and finding a different job until I find a firm that is a little more supportive in terms of training, or once I complete my LPC, but I also think it would be very unwise of me to throw such a good opportunity away.

Can someone that’s worked in RTA in a similar positive advise please. Or if you’ve managed to get a legal graduate scheme - do you feel the same way?

I was under the impression that I would be taught different skills, such as letter drafting, during my legal graduate scheme as it’s not really something we’re taught during a law degree ( and I haven’t done the LPC yet), but instead I’m made to feel like I’m not good enough and should just know how to draft one? 😔

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