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So first I will give a bit about me to help u understand my predicament.
I am a very academic person, I love doing well in school it makes me feel great and I have always tried and put a lot of effort in school from year 7. It’s almost like an ocd thing like I just have to do well. I had dreams of going Oxbridge.I managed to do really well in gcses and went off to do a levels. I completed my first full year but literally left like a month before and didn’t complete my end of year exams. I did this because I wasn’t in the right headspace and was going through some stuff. I cannot blame myself for this because I wasn’t in the right headspace and was dealing with personal issues, but everyday it eats me up that I didn’t just stay and finished and I feel like a whole year was wasted. How do I just accept that it just wasn’t meant to be but I’m just so annoyed at myslef. So anyways I moved on to do a btec and now I just started my second year of it. I hate the course, have so much anxiety and dread going in everyday. There is nothing wrong with doing a btec but it just won’t get me to where I want to be and I feel very very disappointed in myself for this. I have tried and tried to go back to my a levels and finish them but I do not want to start yesr 12 again I don’t think I could mentally cope with beginning again and wasting 2 years of my life. I am now doing health science and just constantly feel like I am looked down upon by everyone for it.
Ok let me get to the point now. I have discovered that I really Want to go into human rights law. There is honestly nothing else that interest me and I’m soo passionate about become a human rights solicitor. However I am not naive and know how hard this is to get into human rights law, let alone to a good law firm because 1 they want good a level grades and 2 the field is over saturated and just hard. My dream dream would be to go to ucl to do law, but this is impossible obviously. Other RG unis require a mixture of btec and a level which I don’t have.
I know this is so long so thank UID you hve read it all. Could anyone give me any advice because I’m feeling anxious everyday and feel dissapointed. What should I do? Advice on my whole situation would be appreciated

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