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Hi guys
I'm an international student and I already got a conditional offer from Durham Economics last year due to the a level return.
I got AAA (Math, FM, Econ) and I think I could get A* in Math in the autumn exam. So, I think I will get A*AA for my predict grades.

So I have options which can I apply to other schools such as lse/ucl/warwick etc. (I didn't applied to these schools last yr because I applied on March)
Or I could just confirm durham if I get A* in result day.

Lse Actuarial science offer rate is quite high which is nearly 40%
But Lse Econ offer rate is nearly 17%.

If I apply to other schools, I think I will apply
Lse - Econ or actuarial science
warwick -econ

I really want to get into LSE however, I know its hard to get in and more competitive than other schools.
If I apply for lse actuarial science, then I think I could get reject from other unis-ucl warwick because it is hard to write a personal statement.

However, If I apply lse econ, then I think I could not get an offer from lse because it is too competitive. <also low predict grades and no gcse>

Do I need to apply to actuarial science or straight Econ for lse..?
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If you want a good shot at the other unis, apply for econs. Yes, the competitiveness is higher but your subject combination puts you in a very good spot. So go for it. It makes no sense to apply for acturial science with an econ statement or even a half hearted statement anywhere. Hope that helps!

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