Is it too late to change my A levels?

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I’m a year 12 student currently taking A level French, History, Maths and Chemistry. I’m really enjoying French and History and I think I want to do a degree in Law and French Law and I hopefully want to go to Oxbridge.

However I’m not currently doing too well in maths and chemistry. My last maths test was a B and my last chemistry test was a C. I know these grades are nowhere near good enough to get into Oxbridge so I really want to change chemistry for law.

My college only gave you 4 weeks to change your A levels and it has currently been 7 weeks. Would it just be too much of a challenge to catch up on all the things I’ve missed in law by now? Or should I try to plead my case to my curriculum superviser and see if they will let me change?

Also would it be okay if I dropped chemistry, tried to get the maths grade up to an A* by the end of the year and just tried to apply to Oxbridge with only 3 A levels?
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Hi! I don’t believe it’s too late. Tell your teachers and I assure you that they’ll let you change. Tell them that you have a different career prospect that you believe there is a more fitting and interesting alevel. A B in maths? That’s a great score! Remember, you’re only in 1st year and most people get Ds and Es. You’re definitely on the right track for an A*! Besides that, I got an E in my first chemistry test (far worse than you!) and now I’m on track for As and got an A* on my most recent test! See, put the effort in and you won’t get a bad score but more importantly, don’t give up so easily! You’ll get better grades throughout chem and maths but it’s your decision if you still want to change. I mean if you find law alevel interesting and better then do that! But 3 good alevels at A* is better than 4 alevels at A. So perhaps you might want to drop one anyway and keep the 3?
Good luck
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