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Context - about 6 months ago, I let lockdown and work get to me because I suffer from bad anxiety. I over worked and it messed up my mental health. One night in may, I joined a party with my mate who is a couple years younger than me and had a breakdown infront of him which I'm mad at myself for doing. I implied things which I should not have said and because of that his parents wont let me talk to him and his sister any more (who is my age). I have spent the past 6 months getting back to my normal self and I'm loads happier, but the 1 thing I cannot move on from even tho I have tried is not talking to them because of how close we were prior. I want to drop a text to his sister because shes my age (and I'm not able to see either them as they live in another city), trying to explain everything and apologise but I dont know what to say. This is what I have so far;

Hiya ___, hope you're all ok?

I need to apologise; I let things build up rather than talk & I realise that was a huge mistake. I wasn't thinking straight & i'm really sorry for what I put you all through.

Since then I've done everything possible to make things right & I'm a lot happier now because of it. I can now also guarantee that the same thing wont happen again. The only thing left that I want to do is try to make it up to you all and talk again if possible, because I could not have had better mates, i really miss you both & I'm really sorry.

Any ideas on how I can improve the message?
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I think that your message is coming from your heart. I hope things work out for you.
Please remember if they do not accept your apology it is not your fault. As a lot of people nowadays have gotten into a habit of being unkind and not accepting of apologies etc it is just the way society is at the moment.

But you have turned your life around! what a beautiful and amazing thing to do. With kindness and gentleness.
Remember to be kind and gentle on yourself, especially if they do not accept the apology.

I think though that your apology is lovely and good as it is.

Let us all know how you get on.

Sometimes people move on from things and change as people, so do not be so sad if they reject it, it means that your paths have both moved on.

But hopefully, they will accept as it is such a lovely apology. It is brave and decent of you to do this and to face up to what was done.

You sound like a really nice person now.

All the best to you.

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