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Hello, I recently started my application to the Open University.
I am struggling with understanding the student finance system.
In the questions of the application it asks how long do I plan to study at the Open University. What If I am not sure? For example what if I'm only taking One module the first year and then full-time modules the next 3 years? What if I currently plan to study for 3 Years but what if I decide to split it into 4 years total? How do I answer the question in the student finance application about how long will I study If I don't know at the moment and studying it one year at a time? Thank you.
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In general you put how long it would take you if you continue the intensity as you start.
So if you plan for it to take 6 years, put down six. If you’re planning to study at a full time intensity then put down 3. It doesn’t particularly matter.
(If you’re only applying now for a February start you won’t be able to do your degree in three years however due to the number of credits per year requirement so the shortest amount of time you’d be able to finish it in is 3.5 years. )

If the plans change you just change it the next time you apply for finance.
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