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Me and my ex have been broken up for 3 weeks. It was a mutual breakup, however I miss her and I kind of want to work things out and get back together. Now I'm not sure if she wants the same. I initiated contact once after the breakup (it was her moms birthday, I knew how much she meant to her so I had to tell her happy birthday to her and ...).
Now, I feel like she is trying to move on. And like forever. Whenever I send a streak on snapchat or private story she sees it but never replies. Now, I don't want to try to get back with her if she is trying to move on, I respect her decision. But how do I know if she is trying to move on or just playing hard to get? I don't want to force things. Our breakup was mutual.

Should I initiate contact again ?
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I hate to break it to you but she probs has moved on and you should try and do the same
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Keeping contact after a breakup can prolong the pain and make it very hard to move on.

It really depends on why you broke up I suppose. If the factors involved in that decision no longer matter, or you think you can find a way to solve whatever problems were there, then perhaps ask her what page she's on. It's painful to dwell on small things and wonder what they mean, so be direct about this. Ask her if she can see you two getting back together and working out. If she is on the same page as you then you get her back, but if not then you get closure and an answer.

If she doesn't want to get back together, or you decide that in fact the relationship would still have the same problems as before, then take steps to move on yourself. Don't contact her, and accept that it's okay to miss her for a while. Surround yourself with people who will support you if you can, and take some time to heal. Talk to people, listen to breakup songs, try to do things that make you happy and distract you. It will get better.

I wish you all the best, and I hope you're coping okay.

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