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Hi, I have to come up a completely new product/service that an existing company doesn’t already have for customers (for example, Microsoft doesn’t do clothes). I am studying tourism management so can be related to that or can be anything else!! I have to come up with a marketing plan for the new product/service!! Any suggestions would be amazing thank you in advance
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Considering this is not for a real life business idea, I don't think it matters if the product/service is completely novel, unless your tutor or mark scheme says otherwise.

Things I can come up with are:

  1. App to track people's whearabouts whilst on tour, or the app can message or contact the organiser when lost
  2. A supplementary service that recommends customers the best time to buy or do things based on the timing of sales e.g. sportswear for ski trip when the ski supply store is selling most of their goods
  3. Luxurious package with in house chefs and waitering staff during their stay at X
  4. Space exploration holiday package - new and upcoming (if you want to be more creative, you can say people can be strunk to the quantum level, they could visit another dimension, time in history, alternate universe, inside a computer like how VR was meant to be, see insider Area 51, see inside people's dreams)
  5. Personalised assistant for each family/person who does everything including massages
  6. A 360 virtual holiday, where the person going on the tour livestreams it to people via VR
  7. Cooking tour - where people travel whilst take cooking classes with local chefs to train to cook in their authentic cuisine
  8. Art tour - similar to cooking tour, but they go for the art lessons
  9. Dance tour - similar to cooking and art, but for dancing
  10. Pet exchange program - where pets are exchanged in different families to give them a different living environment for a time
  11. Year long migration program - people travel around the world in a group for one year, without using planes
  12. Specialised martial arts training program - people go to the coutry of where the martial arts originated and spend 2 years training in the arts under authentic masters
  13. Best guide tour - a tour group going to the best and cheap places that are not well known
  14. Urban camping - people go in groups and camp out in city areas

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