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Hi all

Ok so im in a little bit of a rut , before i say what my issue is i want to explain something first.

I have IBS and have had IBS for over a year and the trigger is lactose and any milk , yogurt, ice cream made from cows , goats milk ect cause huge issues from me so i stay away from it. I use milk though a lot i have a hot cacao drink everynight as it relaxes me and i have a better nights sleep and i have a smoothie nearly every morning and use milk in a lot of recipes. I had to find a plant based alternative , im allergic to coconut and rice so coukd not have these , i have tried loads but only found 2 i liked one of them was oatly milk which i love and is easy for me to get hold of however after around 6 weeks of drinking it i started have IBS flares and in the end found out it was the oil in the milk that was causing the issue.

Long story short i foubd another milk an almond milk i love and have been using for months now however this is were my issue comes in.

I live in a small town and we only have 2 supermarkets here sainsburys (which is a small local one) and asda. Asda here has never stocked my almond milk but sainsburys use to and i use to buy it from here however i last week i went to do my shop and no almond milk , they have stopped stocking it here and was told to go to the large store in the next town that has it , that is 2 trains to get there , i did do this and so am fine for the next 2 weeks but i was thinking about if we go into a national lockdown and if were not allowed to travel for food. This is were ocado comes in as i did long on sainsburys website but there fully booked in my area until the end of November and i cant wait till then to do a food shop order.

Ocado says they release new slots everyday and there the only other place i can find my almond milk but as of yet i have not seen any new slots I've been looking since saturday but 2 days later no new slots.

I asking for advice as ive never shopped online before , do ocado have new slots available everyday?
Im just worried if we go into another national lockdown and if were not allowed to travel for food im not sure what ill do as im not in a postion to wait weeks for food.
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Personally, I would go and stock up now as delivery slots are pretty impossible to get these days.

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