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My tutor won’t let me move tables from this girl next to me in my group but I don’t like this really don’t like her because she ruined my confidence a few weeks ago so I don’t want to be associated with her, she made me self conscious and was getting teachers to criticise me. So this happened before when girl came into the classroom sits next to me but last time I didn’t say anything or do anything I just simply moved away from the girl onto a different seat, the teacher said why have I moved from the girl but I just said this girl has upset me in the lesson and ruined my confidence and explained what she did. The teacher wouldn’t understand and made me to sit back next to her but I kept refusing because she ruined my confidence and I just didn’t want to have anything to do with her for what she did and so she doesn’t upset me again. This situation happened before when the teacher made me sit next to this girl and I refused but I didn’t tell the teacher what she did but this time I did. I just don’t know what to because I don’t want to sit with that girl anymore and I don’t want to talk to her, I have been keeping away from her but then I have class with her and I don’t want to sit with her anymore but when I go in to
college next I’m going to be put next to her.

If you want context on how she ruined my confidence here’s a link to my thread explaining what she did,
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In some cases you just have to stick it out and go with it. If you arent allowed to move just ignore her and get your assignments done.

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