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This is going to be a long read! However it will be very helpful if you could help me out and I will keep it as interesting as it can. So basiclally I struggling to decide what career to go into. I will start of by telling you what my previous life and education life is about.

I went to highschool and I really regret what I did. Reflecting on it I think I should have focused more and should have revised and studied hard to get good grades, however the opposite happened and messed around and never studied hard and got bad grades such as 4s and 5s. I only manged to get 5 GCSEs in total. Because of this I decided to do BTEC as I wasn't clever enough to do A Level, thats what I supposed. So I did put some effort in and then let go of myself. I got a D*D*D* at the end because I copied majority of the work from the Internet, class mates and previous people so I didnt deserve the grade I got and now I also hugely regret what I did. I did invest alot of time but it was wrong. Copying dosent make you clever and improve yourself academically as its make you very lazy and you rely on people to do the work or find the work and copy and paste it and dosent even use a percentage of your brain.

So now I have finished these studies and now really really confused as what field to go into. I did enjoy the accounting units of the course and the ledgers you had to do etc. Business side of things were okay but abit dull but something were interesting learning about things like marketing, human resources etc.

I had to take a gap year because I thought because I like accounting rather than doing a degree in this discipline but I jave heard that if I do AAT and then ACA it puts me in a very advantageous position as I have more experience. But then I really thought is this the right career path because did I really enjoy all my modules. I like the mathematics part of it and not the theory part and management part of it. So now im stuck, I have looked at the aca qualification and there are really good but the thing is that if I don't like it because there are 15 exams and there cover hard content such as management, tax. Ethics etc so I'm not sure if its for me. I could have go university and study accounting and then do aca but aat is a better route and less debt which I would prefer but need to know if its right for me.

On the other hand I want to go to university and experience the uni life, but this is also difficult with exams and dissertation in the final year. I plan onto study economics but heard its quite content heavy so was going to do a joint degree at lancaster to do business economics. But I dont know what other good universities are there with my btec and gcse grades who offer this course. The reason I choose lancatser because the campus is great and there are TEF Gold standard so there teaching is good but dont know if everyone agrees.* Also, with economics ive been trying to figure out if its right for me so I bought an A level textbook and read the first section, and came across PFFS, behavioural ecnomics, marginal utility but never really find it interesting interesting but I found it good to know about it and how business and the economy allocate is resources. I am not even sure if I even have a genuine interest on how the economy works etc but I do wonna know how the the economy works etc so I'm confused.* I did a recent lesson on banking and how bank works and I really enjoyed it and was great to know how the bank operates and how money is used.
Also, I don't know if economics and business is right for me. Ive heard that it can be very boring and dull and mathematical if you don't like it. The reason I choose economics is because of money 💰. I was thinking that after I graduate go into careers like investment banking or acturial or investment analyst or economic consultant. My aim is to have a salary of 50k after 5 years after graduating. Is this possible.

I also have other fields that I am interested in such as sports and science and physiotherapy because ive enjoyed fitness lately and thought I wanted to do it because I enjoy it and want to learn how to build a good physique. However, the job prospectus is very dull to me.

I want to live a life where I can go to holiday every year and my ambition is to drive around with a nice car, have a 5 bedroom house which is in a good standard. And earn a high enough salary around 50k. Im 18 now so I think it might be achievable.

I can read loads of information, but I can work with numbers and data and graphs and lile interpret and analysing the data and pulling it apart. I wonna do something that I am passionate about so that I can excel.* In terms of Travelling I would like to work in a place where its easily accessible and to go to and its about* 15 to 20mins away from my house.

I know lots of people have been in my shoes. So im really struggling with my decision and came here to ask for your advice. Please please help me.
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look, everyone can take a different path, you've been exploring a special route to wherever you get to, it'll just make you a better "................" (whatever), when you finally get there. it's not wrong, and it is right, just takes time and a bit of focus.

formal qualifications are rather useful nowadays, accountancy is a great way to earn that villa in the canary islands (seriously, I've met these guys/gals)
so bank a degree in accounting or similar from Lancaster, nice place, bit damp (compared to Essex/Norfolk) but OK, nice people.
Get into a company, and get them to put you through whichever supplementary exams you need to pass for chartered status, whatever.
[My controversial opinion here: "economics" as a subject is a bit made-up (a typical bigoted Physics/engineering viewpoint, but that's 'cause they keep changing their 'immutable laws' - after each banking crash, whilst Physics keeps the same laws, just improves them over time) so I'd suggest a more focussed Accountancy
https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/study/un.../#course-entry as that's less made-up, IMHO]

yes, after doing Chartered accountancy for a decade, living in hotels, always being on the road (apart from some time in your pool with your family in the Canaries) then branch out into your new direction, from a position of strength. It would get boring after a while, but then most things do, and accounting is one area that rewards. Law in US, if you are the best junior lawyer and an international Doctorate in Physics are similar high rewarding careers - investment banking might survive brexit, dunno as yet! read the FT.com about 'banking licenses' etc

I did once get a job in West Ewell/London where I could walk to work in 5 minutes, but many other jobs have required some commuting. Currently I get to drive 15 minutes to the research centre, through alps, lakes, forests etc. But I took the complicated international physics route, also via BTEC. (I didn't know I was doing that 'till I became 21) so you are three years ahead of me

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