If anyone want any advice about Healthcare-assistant apprenticeship interview advice.

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About me: Hello, I've turned 21 years old female, and have applied for NHS Healthcare assistant Apprenticeship i did my application went well, did the online interview the other day and i was hopeless until.. i got a phone call saying i got accepted.

I took a gap year off because i failed one of my subjects in GCSE by one mark i did get accepted for university but failed :c, i didn't know what i wanted to do after i finished college from doing a four year course got a DMM on my final year, and anyone who goes to that College 100% knows how bad it is from the staff leaving, having to redo every piece of unit because of management issues. So during that time period i worked in bars and nightclubs, but i've been caring for family members with progressive conditions to special needs all my life.

Since ,i hated doing nightclubs and warehouse work i needed a career change. As someone who's you could say is inexperienced (even when i applied for a bloody call center job, i got looked at for not being "articulate" during interview question time its very hard not reading of a script i know).

So why i applied for the apprenticeship? I have always wanted a career within the NHS to help people, as i mention in the interview i do have an ambitious to go to uni to study nursing as a apprenticeship later on in life(but i needed an employer to support me).

Express your interest for the role, if your like me who applied for a college course but got rejected because my age and you have the ambitious plus the experience for wanting that job or college course that might help you.

Experiences: I've mentioned during the interview, how i cared for family members my whole life from cleaning them,giving them medication,helping them to read, helping them with ICT stuff phones,email and browsing (am a gamer hehe).

Competency questions i got:
What would you do if you saw a couple lost at a hospital?
I said go over direct them smile and be friendly, if i knew the area,or take them to the nearest reception.

What would you do if a team member didn't wash there hands before dealing with a patient?

I said i would take them to one side explain the rules how it's not ethical or right to deal with a patient without washing hands because of infections and germs (and covid).

I also mentioned i would stop them and tell a supervisor quickly before that person even touches that patient.

Personal qualities:
I said communication,patient ,friendly,teamwork...

Do you have any DBS?

Do you have any questions?

My message for young people: I know what it feels like not being able to get jobs because of more experienced people or your qualifications. I've left school with D-Es, I got a B in English in college and Level 1 in maths.
I got offered interviews, it's a real big pain in the ... to nag companies for feedback, and you be very surprised on how many young kids or older folk in my area didn't get a retail job(but then they say there desperate for needed 20+ people). My other advice for you, is to find something you can enjoy either college or a job it doesn't matter if you left that job you hated at least you got that experience but find a job you can enjoy.

Be sure to read the job description when writing up a "personal statement/supporting information" because that is important, it's pretty easy now, but i thought a university statement was difficult it's mainly how you detail it and structured it into that tailored course or job.

Moreover, employers really need give young disadvantaged kids the opportunity to work. And feedback!, you have no clue how annoying it is. And the apprenticeship wage needs to go up for teens/young adults on it.

If you got any questions about stewarding or security jobs let me know?
Personal taste in security yeah the money is good at 18, but you come to realise how mess companies are to employers based on shifts,no payment and the management is awful. Football jobs are fun and stewarding i know a company who's supportive and a door company that's good.
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