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I’ve always been depressed from an early age, especially since I didn’t have friends in primary school. I’ve always felt alone. I have had thoughts..... but I’ve somehow decided to put that to one side and focus more on my studies. It’s suffocating at times but I can deal with it I guess. The only reason I’ve held back from doing anything is because of my younger sibling. I’m so glad my younger sibling has friends and is extremely innocent, doesn’t know what suicide is or depression until recently. I’m glad that my younger sibling is happy. I want them to continue to be happy. That’s all. I also hope you guys can all smile more to other people. It changes my day completely. It’s like they smiled at me they want me to live. Of course I’ve become numb to feeling hurt because I’m used to it but I hope you guys all stay happy. I smile a lot to bid everything I guess it’s my way of coping with it, but it’s okay. I’ve learnt that it’s okay to feel hurt and sad. It’s okay and I’m sure you can get through it. It’s just the situation that you’re in that’s making you feel like this and your situation can change. It not a fixed thing 💚
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Awww this is so sweet. I know how you feel I have a younger brother, and I just want him to stay innocent forever and not have to experience this tough world. I hope everything's alright. :console:

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