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I feel very lonely a lot of the time. I have friends but haven’t really gone out with them since about year 9/10. This is because they don’t invite me. I am in year 13. I honestly don’t know what to do. I have been through depression multiple times, throughout all of year 10 when they stopped including me and during lockdown where I didn’t see anyone aside from family for it’s full duration and neither did my friends want to see me. Are these people my friends. I can’t find new friends also for other reasons. Because of all this time of not being included, I really don’t know how to make friends or go out with them or anything. How do I make new friends or should I ask my current friends to go out. I seriously need help.
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If they don’t include u in things then they aren’t ur friends. I’ve had some in the past n tbh get rid while u can u will make new friends honestly it’s stupid how people treat each other but as long as ur gonna be happy no one can stop that. N try and ask them to come out first if they have excuses or leave u there n not say anything then u will know who ur friends are then it’s time to move on .
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Try to move on
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