Family problems with police involved

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Yesterday morning I woke up to find out the police were here and it hasn’t been the first time. I doubt it will be the last either, they have been round several times since last this time year, there were big time problems last night. It’s a long story why they have been coming but long story short we have been having family issues for all my life now and in the past year we’ve all been sick of it. I’m not going to go into detail because I cba it’s too long.

I have had a time a few weeks ago I was in bed off college then the police needed to speak to me so I had to wake up for them I wasn’t in trouble or anything they just needed to ask me if everything’s ok for me so I said they are fine and they said I can contact if they aren’t and asked about my drinking because my mum told them I drink often so I said I do, they asked if I need him with that so I said no as well and said it’s under control and they said because I’m an adult so I’m allowed to drink if I want and when I want. The police have come a few times and needed to speak to me but I’m pretty much not involved in the arguments so just say that tbf.

Im just worried that it’s probably looking a bit dodgy now because the neighbours probably think we do drugs or something dodgy but we don’t it’s just my family which we are not involved.
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You Already made a thread about this. (:

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