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I want to study biochemistry at university and I'm looking mainly at Durham and Warwick as universities that stand out to me. However, I'm not sure yet if should put Durham as an option due to them not having a biochemistry degree and only a biological science degree. I exceed the entry requirements for both and they are in similar positions in the league tables for biosciences.

I'm wondering how biological science will be viewed differently to biochemistry for employers and how easy it is to specialise in biochem modules at Durham.

Durham does seem to have a more prestigious reputation but this seems to be for the university as a whole rather than the biology department independently. I also like the college system at Durham but it does seem to be a more expensive city to live in than the areas around the University of Warwick.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of these universities and can provide some insight into the facilities, teaching quality, support for industry placements/graduate jobs etc.

I'm also interested in possibly studying medicine in the long term and I know that Warwick runs programs to assist entry onto their graduate med school and if this would lead to Warwick being a more beneficial uni in the long term.

The other universities i'm looking at are York, St Andrews and Bath.
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look at the course structure for biosci at durham but common sense would suggest that its a single honours degree with limited modular options for biochem/chem

on that account it comes down to what you want to study because i expect biochem and biosci are much the same to employers, unless the job requires chemistry. job-wise i think they rank similarly and comparing the two is only ever really a game of one-upmanship

canley and coventry are very cheap to live in, leamington is more expensive (+bus travel) but durham is a nicer city

durham has a gold TEF which, while hardly important, i would say is good compared to warwick's silver rating. obviously i can't compare but i don't feel as if warwick's teaching is excellent

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