anxious about getting covid test

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i am a university student living in halls. on wednesday i was instructed to self isolate after getting into contact with someone who tested positive. im sure i have covid but i would like to get tested.

i've heard very unpleasant horror stories such as it messes with your eyeball and gag reflex. i'm getting incredibly stressed and anxious about it. i already have a very big fear of medication, blood and vaccines so even thinking about a swab touching my nose and throat is making me panic a lot. i'm worried i'll pass out or it will go wrong somehow. but ik if i get a home testing kit i'll wimp out and so it's best if someone does it for me.

i really want to get tested so everyone around me can isolate and i can get a break from doing work after contacting my uni because i'm feeling so lethargic even showering and cooking the packaged meals i've been given is draining me. i feel nauseous and looking at the screen right now is making my eyes water too.

i keep crying in anger and frustration that i am such a baby. i want to ask for help. i want to be normal and just get tested but im so incredibly nervous. what advice can you give me?
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I believe the number of people killed by the swabs currently stands at zero. The number of people dying as a result of contracting covid, on the other hand...

I have not had the swabs myself but I would urge you to do the right things and to help reduce the risk to vulnerable people by getting tested and ensuring others who have had contact with you self-isolate should your result come back positive. The discomfort will literally last a few seconds and whatever your reaction to the swab, I am sure the people doing the them have seen it all before.

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