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How similar is a degree apprenticeship as opposed to a degree, as essentially I want to have the uni lifestyle, but I know a degree apprenticeship restricts that somewhat, also I don't know how I'll make friends if I'll mostly be working a 9-5 job. Will I be free on just the weekends, will I be able to go out with friends like a normal uni student?
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In most cases you will be at work 4 days a week and uni 1 .
It is very different than how a normal uni student would be .
From my own experiences of being at uni for a year and now doing an apprenticeship you will not have as much time as the people doing full time degrees to go out and stuff , as you will be tired from work and have uni work to do in the free time you have .

However if you are up to date with what you do - weekends are free to do what you like .

Ps - I would advise you not to get dragged into the whole uni to socialise idea because it really only lasts a couple months then everything dies down.
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