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Hello, just wanted some advice really.
Been with my partner for 4 years and we’re from different cities. I really would like to be near my family in Birmingham. He loves London and wants to be there. We lived in ‘my’ city for a while, he has some family there, I have none in London. Ended up moving to London majority due to the fact that he’s been saying he wants to be here and that there’s opportunities here for us both. I’ve been here for a few weeks and seriously don’t like it, I’m really home sick and miss my family. Don’t have anyone here, work is hectic, life here is so expensive it seems a no brainer to want to be back to what I know. I can get a transfer back to Birmingham and can work from there. I’ve mentioned I’d like to be here for no longer than 1.5 years but it doesn’t go down well when the subject is introduced. Every time I bring it up he seems to get in a mood, either walks out or finds an excuse for why it’s better in London or how there’s so much more opportunity here as opposed to Birmingham. I obviously don’t agree and I know housing and everything else is more affordable, things can be done quicker too. It’s really tough and it’s having an impact on my MH, any advice?
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I guess u guys need to make a decision whether you or him are willing to compromise but at the same time maybe u have came to the stage where u need to move on. You both have different needs & wants now so I guess it’s not fair to take that away from one and another. I think u should tell him how you’re feeling, it could be that u just haven’t adapted yet, maybe FaceTime your family more regularly or try to visit them more! I get that can be hard with COVID and work too. Perhaps, u could join some sort of activity or he could introduce u to people as he knows people from London. To me it seems like he isn’t interested in moving back so u need to have this conversation with him as of what would happen if u moved back home. Would u do long distance, maybe go and visit each other or completely break up etc. If he can’t talk about it, then he’s waisting your time.

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